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Mark and Jacki Tait are a husband and wife ministry team with a powerful and unique story of God’s mercy and grace, forgiveness and redemption.

Both individually and as a couple, they are the perfect example of what life looks like before and after surrendering to Jesus.

Mark Tait has been a successful real estate professional since the early 90’s.  As his success grew, so did his desire for worldly treasures and pleasures.  Yet even after he had all the trappings that came along with the world’s version of success, he was at his lowest point.

Jacki Semerau knew Jesus from the time she was a little girl.  But as life threw her off course with several undesirable events, she rejected Christ and began to seek out other spiritual answers.  What she learned is that Christ is the only answer.  She began to live as a Christian once again.  But she wasn’t “all in,” spending her time walking with one foot in the world and one foot in the Bible.

As a couple, Mark and Jacki met in 2007.  They dated off and on for over 3 years, trying to find success as a couple the way the world teaches.  When they found that didn’t work, they finally broke up for good in 2010.

It was in 2011, apart from each other and learning to hear the call of Christ on their lives that both Mark Tait and Jacki Semerau surrendered completely to Christ.  God tested that surrender, and both Mark and Jacki passed.

In 2012, Mark and Jacki met again.  When they found out what Jesus had done in both of their lives and hearts, they began on a journey that led them to the marriage altar on January 12, 2013.

Together and individually, Mark and Jacki Tait are examples of the difference Jesus Christ makes in life and in love.  Together, they are living a life 180 degrees different from what the world teaches.  And in doing so, they are living with peace, joy, and love.  And now they feel called to share the Biblical truths that led them here.

Mark and Jacki generously share their story to groups and individuals as God leads.

What do Mark and Jacki do outside of ministry?  Well, they believe in doing ALL things as if unto the Lord…and here’s the other ways they serve Him:

What Mark’s up to

What Jacki’s got going

How did Mark and Jacki get where they are?  Well…when they figure out where they’re at, they’ll let you know! ha!  Meanwhile, here’s a video that DOES show how it all began:

Mark and Jacki: How we got to forever from Jacki Tait on Vimeo.