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  • iMarriage – Loving Our Spouse is How We Love Christ

    Posted on October 18, 2013 by in Blog, Our Story

    When Mark and I started talking about getting married, we took a long look at what that would mean to each of us.

    What were our expectations?  What were our dreams and hopes for the future?  What would parenting look like?  Where would we live?  How would we handle the finances?

    All of these were topics that we covered before we even got engaged.  We were putting all these things into conversations, and most importantly we were praying about them.

    We both knew that above all we both desired to be a Godly spouse.  But what did that REALLY mean?   We researched the scriptures, spoke with our pastors, received Christian guidance, and did our homework.

    One of the best resources I found was Andy Stanley’s iMarriage sermon.  It was broken down into segments on Youtube.  The sermon starts by talking about the dangers of an “I” marriage….where you put yourself above all else.  Then he looked at a quid pro quo type of marriage and why that doesn’t work.  Then he looked at the way that Christ tells us to love one another in a marriage.

    He points out that God’s gift to us is our spouse.  That to show our love to our spouse is showing our love to Christ and our gratitude for this gift.

    Here’s the segment that really hit me.  Where Andy Stanley really breaks the idea down on how to love Christ through loving our spouse.