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Living Life 180

Why are we here? How can I find true love?  What do I need to do to get what I want out of life?

Ever found yourself asking these questions?

Yeah, we did too.  Then we realized that the answer wasn’t really the answer…because we were asking the wrong questions.

The right questions…that lead to the ONE right answer to all searching…are 180 degrees different than we think they are.

To find the REAL answers to life & love, there’s one place…one manual…that lays it all out.  The Bible.

And there’s ONE true teacher that has all the answers to love, life, success, & joy.  Jesus.

Are you ready?  Are you ready to turn 180 degrees away from what the world teaches will lead to success in life and love?  Are you ready to embrace Biblical truths?


Then you’re ready to start Living Life 180.

Join Mark and Jacki Tait (Team Tait Ministries) on the 180 journey.  Many think it’s a difficult way to live.  It’s actually MUCH easier!  But it is DIFFERENT.  The toughest part of Living Life 180 is learning to change your thought patterns on what you’ve been taught through our culture, our society, our entertainment industry, and the world’s perspective.  And that’s why Mark and Jacki are here.

Mark and Jacki Tait are all about helping you learn the 180 Way, based in Biblical Truths and a relationship with Jesus Christ. They’ll help you learn what that looks like, what to expect, and how to be all in.

Here’s how to connect with Team Tait Ministries to learn about Living Life 180:

However you choose to connect, Mark and Jacki are here for you.  So now it’s time…Let’s get Living Life 180!